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Dave's Locker is a 1 man operation based around my hobby as a watch collector. I very often have watches for sale and although Ebay gives good exposure, the fees are prohibitive and through this shop I can pass on savings to my clients.

Based in Malta, within the EU, Dave's Locker will primarily be selling vintage watches, especially Rado and Seiko, my preferred makes.

When collecting watches what I look for primarily is authenticity and the potential of the watch to be returned to original condition - I prefer, for example, a grimy watch that hasn't been tampered with to the prettified examples that often turn up on Ebay that have been polished till there isn't a single sharp edge left. Though they might look shiny there is no way that a watch case that has had its fine detail polished off can ever be restored. Similarly, repainted dials, relumed hands, totally franken watches made out of parts from here and there are a no-no for me. I aim to pass on these values in the watches that are for sale here.

I cannot claim that every watch I sell will be in 100% pristine condition, but I can honestly say that I will point out any defects in the way a true collector would see them and I hope to pass on this great hobby to many new collectors!

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